Friday, February 25, 2011


Me and Mason
Good day my blog friends and family. I am sad to report that I have gained a total of 1.2 pounds and 1 inch between my bust and waist over my extravagant birthday weekend. Booooo! But I am here...admitting my relapse...letting it all hang out!

I am getting back on the wagon hardcore! I mean it! I have worked too hard to shed what little weight I have to give up now! Must keep going...must for a short term goal,  I want to look really good at a wedding I am attending solo (hubby will be away on a fishing trip)! Lots of old friends I have not seen in years will be there and I want to feel fabulous walking in the room by myself. I just want to find a pretty dress to wear and feel good about myself. With that said, the wedding is April the same country club where I got married almost 6 years ago! Should be fun! I cannot wait!

Here are my recent stats...booo:

Age: 32 Years Young
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 214.4 (-4.2)
Bust: 44 inches (-2.0)
Waist: 45 inches (-1.5)
Hips: 49.0 inches (-2.0)
Obstacles Removed: -4.2 lbs
Inches Gone for Good: -5.5  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fell off the wagon...big time!

Okay so, I had my big birthday weekend and I really was bad. I am mean so bad that I have been afraid to blog. It was a fantastic weekend celebration with friends and family from both near and afar...but it was a LOT of yummy temptations that I gave into with the "it's my birthday" reasoning. And now, I am sad. I gained weight. I know for sure around 2 pounds. I have not measured myself. I'm afraid. I'm a failure.

I am tyring to get on track this work week (which is almost over being it's Thursday at 4:47pm)...but here at my office there are so many temptations. My boss and co-workers got me some sweet treats to celebrate with on Tuesday...then my co-workers took me to lunch on Wednesday...and tomorrow we are having a February birthday celebration for all the workers here in my office. It's nice but IT SUCKS! So, I am going hard core on Saturday for sure. I will still weigh in and measure tomorrow...but I am going to be sad. I know it. Ahh I am such a let down.

On a happier note. I am going to try...I said TRY with all my might to train at the gym for a 5K run. I am already doing a 5K on March 5th but a friend of mine turned me onto an app on my phone that is an entire 5K training program. It is really cool! My only problem is childcare. It will be hard for me to get to the gym without the responsibility of my son. So, I am going to try and go during my lunch hours on MWF...which will be hard. But, I am going to TRY! I really really really really really want to do it...

On another positive note, my son got me the best birthday gift ever....a bike trailer to tow him around in! We both love it! Thanks Mason!

Be back tomorrow to report the official damage of my week of partying!

Friday, February 18, 2011

32 Years Young and Aging

I'm getting younger everyday! I swear I feel it! I think eating Paleo is having great affects on my aging body and mind. I feel younger. Maybe it's the weight and inches loss, either way I am feeling super duper! I can honestly say I feel prettier; is prettier even a word? As my big 32nd birthday is just 3 days away, I need all the positive kickstands I can get to keep my ole body upright!  But in all seriousness, I can say I don't feel 32. I wasn't sure what 32 what supposed to feel like but so far it's great. Bring it on! Here are some life lessons/realizations I have come to in my short but sweet 32 years:
  1. Navy Blue is not a color for just old ladies. It is very flattering and soooo the new black!
  2. Friends will come into your life for a REASON, SEASON or a LIFETIME...when their time is up, get over it and move on.
  3. Natural childbirth is amazing! Painful but amazing..I highly recommend it! God made women strong for a reason!
  4. Have compassion for people and animals.
  5. Cry. Sometimes all I need is a good cry.
  6. Pray. I pray twice a night. Once with my sweet son Mason and then again when I go to sleep. I honestly believe that my prayers are heard. (not answered but definitely heard)
  7. If you honor someones life with joy you will never truly miss them. They will always be near you...and i believe that you will sense them. (love to you gpa)
  8. Music is a gift from God. It has the amazing ability to take you back to a place, time and feeling...if your not utilizing it then your missing out!
  9. Remember that the sun will always some up tomorrow. Your worries today will be minimal in days, weeks and years from now. Forget about it...your stress will only leave wrinkles!
  10. Enjoy good food and good coffee!
  11. Own one pair of fabulous jeans and a pair of good shoes.
  12. Compliment people often and show appreciation to those who work hard to make your life easy. 
  13. Start a blog, it will change your life! :)
So I hope my life realizations will make you stop and think about what is important to you today in your life. As for my current weight happiness goals (Friday's are weigh-in days) you can see I'm just trucking along. I am exactly the same with my inches as I was last week but I have shed 1.4 pounds!  Can I get a whootwhoot! As I am entering my big birthday weekend, I am already planning to eat a bit off the Paleo plan. But for my body and bowels..I will try (with the exception of maybe a slice of bday cake) to be at least gluten free! If i eat gluten, I get really sick..and it is not pretty!

Have a fantastic weekend and just because I am so powerful and popular..please everyone, take Monday February 21 off (by birthday)...just don't go to work! I have told your boss's and you will all be receiving holiday celebration of ME! Your welcome and enjoy!

Age: 31 years 362 days young
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 213.2 (-5.4)
Bust: 43.5 inches (-2.5)
Waist: 44.5inches (-2.0)
Hips: 49.0 inches (-2.0)

Obstacles Removed: -5.4 lbs
Inches Gone for Good: -6.5  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Late than Never...

Mason and Mom on Saturday at the 5-Mile Park in Chico, CA
(Note Mason's face, it's all scratched up from a fall off the front porch..ouch!!)
Sorry for the delay in posting my blog friends, but I just have not gotten around to it! So here I go!
I had a great week in inches lost, but not so great in weight loss. I am down a total of 6.5 inches and 4 pounds so far! I am eating pretty clean Paleo wise except for some amazing sushi I had on Friday while out of town working (gluten free)....I am feeling good!
I went for about a half-hour bike ride with my husband and son on Saturday and it kicked my butt! I was exhausted. I am more out of shape than I had believed. My husband Mike is also known in our family as "Uncle Circle." Laugh all you want but once my young nephew asked him if he was in shape and he said "yes, a round shape." So from then on, he has been know as Uncle Circle, but that is changing quickly. Mike has lost 20 pounds so far. He is doing great. And he even purchased gluten free beer from our local health foods store and got a membership to the gym! (I am getting the a membership too for my birthday)  Mason, my one year old son, is also enjoying a Paleo lifestyle. With the exception of some carb foods he gets from daycare, we are trying to feed him as close to Paleo as we can (but I give into convenience sometimes..I'm a mom...I do the best I can do!) 
I am excited for this week ahead! First and foremost, it is St. Valentine's Day, my most favorite day of the year...and I have my beautiful son Mason for my sweet Valentine! Also, I am supposed to have lunch with my best friend Kelly on Tuesday...then I am heading into my fabulous three-day birthday weekend! I love my birthday!  Who doesn't love to celebrate themselves! 
Have a fantastic day my friends...and love the one your with...but most important, love yourself first!
Age: 31 years 355 days old!
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 214.6 (-4.0)
Bust: 43.5 inches (-2.5)
Waist: 44.5inches (-2.0)
Hips: 49.0 inches (-2.0)

Obstacles Removed: -4.0 lbs
Inches Gone for Good: -6.5  

Monday, February 7, 2011

But there are so many pebbles...

Nobody trips over mountains.  It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble.  Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Author Unknown
I have some horrible news. I ate a very small but very delicious ice cream sundae yesterday. I did so good the entire super bowl eating meatballs, carrot sticks, etc...and drinking my water but after that, someone broke out the sundae making equipment (ice cream, carmel sauce, nuts and whip cream)...and bam, I had no will power! I ate it. Although it was a small sundae, it was a sundae. I weighed this morning and I have not gained so that makes me feel not so bad...but I have a guilty conscience. But I must forgive myself and move on! 

Monday's are always difficult. Not only are they the start of your typical 'work week' but they also remind me that I have to get up in the morning and get ready to leave my house. I hate mornings! I am so NOT a morning person!  I just feel rushed, unorganized, late, angry and tired all stuffed into a pair of boring black work slacks! Ahhh I can feel my blood pressure rising just blogging about it! And typical of a Monday, I never prepare for breakfast or lunch so I am usually hungry!  I just wish weeks would start with Tuesday. If anything, it would trick my brain!

On a small but positive note, my son slept through the night last night! Thank you God! It was nice and I am thankful!  Also, my husband totally cheated all weekend starting with a Friday night burger and beer date with his friends and ending last night with a 6 pack of beer! He totally fell off the Paleo wagon and the scale is reminding him of his mistakes!

So here I sit on this sunny Monday (sorry for all you back east with the bad weather but California does have it's perks) hungry, tired, angry and guilty! I am hoping my week ahead presents me with happier days and painless mornings!

Congratulations Aaron Rodgers and the Greenbay Packers! You did it...and Chico is sooo proud of our boy! Whoohoooo!!!! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Must keep going...

The Friday Report:
I am thrilled to have lost some more weight but I only lost .5 inches...and of all places in my bust! Geezzz! But I am still thrilled. I have been eating really strict paleo (except for my morning cup of joe) and it is working great for me! I have read that lack of sleep will really mess with your weight loss efforts as suggested by Robb Wolff:
"Sleep deprivation mimics many elements of the aging process. One could make the argument that how you feel when you are sleep deprived is likely how you will feel if you are both diabetic and old (sleep deprivation dramatically impacts insulin sensitivity). Improved sleep time and quality will help you: Lean out, avoid depression, autoimmunity, heart disease…"               
...and I have for sure had a lack of sleep these past two weeks. My one year old son Mason has been up two to three times a night. Not sure why, maybe teething? Then just a day or so ago, he came down with yet another cold...our house has been continually sick since late October...and to slap some icing on the cake, he got three shots yesterday!! It sucks! I am slowly dying from sleep deprivation...even my hair is suffering. I swear it is limp and dull...all from lack of sleep!!!  I need a makeover!...and a nap! Maybe a day at the spa would suit me well...

My husband Mike is doing exceptionally well on Paleo too. He is down 15 pounds and i have yet to do his follow up measurements which i will do tonight... I am happy for him. Although he is already planning to cheat this weekend because of the super bowl...(GO PACK GO)!!  We will be attending a very small super bowl party at my sisters house and I am bringing paleo friendly food for all to share...I am hoping there is other food there I too can eat! More than the food, I am super excited because for the first time I entered a money pool at Mikes work! I hope I win big money, big money! (GO PACK GO)!!

So my blog friends, enjoy the super bowl this weekend and keep your eating in check! Don't let one event throw all your hard work to the curbside! I will leave you with a saying that is posted right in front of me on my office wall each and every day! Enjoy!

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet
 is fighting some kind of battle!"
...whether it's a battle with weight, cancer, alcohol or something else...

Age: 31 years 348 days old!
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 215.2 (-3.4)
Bust: 45 inches (-1.0)
Waist: 46 inches (-.5)
Hips: 50.5 inches (-.5)
Bones: BIG!

Obstacles Removed: -3.4 lbs
Inches Gone for Good: -2.0

P.S. Aaron Rodgers (QB for the Packers) is from Chico! So we have to REPRESENT!! GO PACK GO!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sugar was my sugar...

So here I am on this boring Tuesday but the good news is that I made it through another Monday! I guess I should not be do drab!  All in all eating Paleo is going great. Although I must admit that I am a fake and a phony...oh and add cheater to my list! I CHEATED! CHEATED is such a harsh word...let say I colored outside the lines? I broke down with the help of my husband Mike and my little sister Kristine...and we went out and got frozen yogurt! It was FANTASTIC! I didn't get nearly as much as my sister and hubby (it is a self serve joint)...but I had just enough to wet my pallet with all the yummy that frozen yogurt can deliver! Ahhh it was so dang good. But what goes up, must come down!  I also have to admit that I had a total sugar rush and then a total sugar slump all within about an hour and it did NOT feel very good. It is amazing how my body now reacts to sugar and it sucks!

I used to have this amazing love affair with sugar...Sugar was my sugar...and I was Sugars baby! But no more. I am so over Sugar (I gave her back the ring)...we are OVER! Every time I give in and let her back into my life, it is a hot mess! So no more Sugar!  We are through! But like any breakup, there will be rebounds...and I am preparing myself for those! I hear Mr. Cheese is pretty tempting....and that guy Dairy is a charmer...but NO, I must not give in! I won't!

Besides the urge to mess around with Mr. Cheese and Dairy (I must REFRAIN), I am really feeling great. My eating has been in check and I am totally feeling the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle. I am not bloated and half the time I am not even hungry which is a bonus! I am losing inches for sure. My pants and occasional tropical print moo-moo are fitting much looser than thumbs up to that! I have been wanting to take some photos (yes, the dreaded photos) of my before Paleo physic while wearing minimal clothing to document the proof of the amazing transformation that awaits me...but i have not got around to it..I think on purpose. There is just something about taking pictures of my back fat that scares the poo out of should scare the poo out of you too...have you ever seen back's atrocious!

So my goal this week is to keep eating healthy, document my back fat for the world to see and exercise a little. I signed up for a local 5K walk-run called the Bidwell Classic on March I think a little exercise would bid me well before I actually show up for a race!  Oh and I am also looking forward to making Panang Curry; recipe compliments of my amazing co-worker and office mate Jhoana! She is an amazing cook and she lives a extremely successful Paleo lifestyle..she is a great motivator and inspiration..she also keeps me on track...she beats me when I'm bad! So, keep on eating...keep on moving...keep on keeping on my blog friends and family! Thanks for keeping me honest and accountable! I love ya! :)

Feeling the Love

P.S. sorry for the weird highlight in light green on this last paragraph...but I cannot fix it...