Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

So I have been in hiding. I hide when I'm tired of trying. I hide when I miss food. I hide when I am sad. So, I have been in hiding for a few months now. And boy has a lot happened in just a few months of hiding.

First off, I had a doctors appointment to just check out my aging 32 year old body and it turns out I have high cholesterol and as my doc put it "extremely low vitamin B12!"  So, I have been working on my cholesterol and taking a dissolving B12 supplement. I have a follow up at the end of this month and if my B12 is not in the normal range, I have to start B12 shots.

I was also hiding because I was missing food. I missed worry free eating. I missed cooking like I was taught. I missed using real ingredients. I missed ordering off the menu without substitutions. So I ate. I cooked. I ordered. Now I know I had to have some checks in my balance so I tried to eat smaller portions. I have been trying to snack on carrots and apples. I have been packing my lunch nearly everyday. Making my coffee at home. Cooking hearty dinners. Getting back to my roots as one might say. And I am enjoying it!  I can honestly say I am enjoying the food that I cut, cook and prepare. My son Mason (20 months old) has taken up an interest in cooking with mom too and I love it. He loves to help a make muffins and pretend cook while I am preparing dinner. It's such a joy to watch. Mason is so much fun. He is a gem of a child and I am having so much fun with him lately.

So here I am, out of hiding. I know it has been a pattern of mine to blog for a few months then disappear into hiding so please bear with me. It's just my style; annoying I know and I am sorry for that. I am happy to see that some of my blog sisters are doing so well in their blogging and weight loss efforts! Keep up the good work!

Lastly, in my absence I am happy to report that I haven't gained weight. I'm actually down a few more pounds to 207.4!  Whoever said weight loss is a journey was liar! Weight loss is an expedition with two peaks for every valley. A place where you have to kill your own food, dig for clean water and put a rock on your poo! It's hard. It's inconsistent. It's a long trek in wet shoes! Keep on keeping on!