About Me

About Me:
First and foremost, welcome.  My name is Kim Ames and I am an average 32 year old girl 'living the dream!' I grew up in rural Northern California where I have decided to stay and raise my family. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to eat what others cook! I have a degree from CSU, Chico in Health Science and Education and currently work with the California Food Stamp Program promoting nutrition (kind of funny since I am overweight).  I love my family, my dog, sunshine, good coffee, traveling the world, homemade pot pie, polka dots, music, the color orange, lists, calculators and being patriotic.

I choose the blog name Negative Nancy vs Positive Polly because I am both very positive and at times extremely negative. I always try to see the positive and brighter side of life but I am such a pessimist that my efforts usually come out very negative. So with that frame of mind, Negative Nancy vs Positive Polly was born!

My Story:
I am glad you have decided to join me on my journey to what I like to call 'weight happiness.' I was overweight as a child (I blame my parents...who wouldn't) and have struggled with it ever since 1997 when I graduated high school. I went away a whole 20 miles to college where by the time I graduated with my bachelors, I had also managed to find about 25 pounds to go with that shiny degree!  Ever since, I have been fighting this weight battle, and seemingly always uphill. And along that steep hill, i managed to gain oh say an additional 45 pounds which is how I got to be here today at 220.0 pounds. Now mind you, I had a weight hike back in 2008 with a series of miscarriages and I got up to a whopping 236.0 pounds!

I have been a habitual Weight Watchers junkie for about 8 years now and have always seemed to do very well when on the program. I started this blog back in January 2011 as a way to keep me honest and accountable to a Paleo lifestyle that I was living. I was doing great the first 4 to 5 weeks or so, then I had my 32nd birthday and I fell off the face of the earth. So i decided to hide. I hid for a while from all the blog world. I was scared. Then I decided to put on my 'big girl pants' and deal with it. I was hiding and I was still fat. So I recently joined the new and improved Weight Watchers Points Plus program. And here I am.

More about me, about the real Kim Ames, well I am a doosie!  I am the middle child of a mildly dysfunctional family. I was the total nerd of my family. People always thought I was so smart just because I went to college; my defense is that a monkey can go to college now days and earn a degree! I am average. Nothing too special here. I love to laugh although lately you wouldn't know it. Life has got me down. I am hopeful that with some weight loss I can gain back some confidence and some beauty. I can be comfortable in my skin again.  I have been married for about 6 years now and have an amazing son, Mason, whom you will see throughout my blog in many of my pictures.

Hope you enjoy my blog and it helps to entertain, motivate and/or bring you joy!