Thursday, March 3, 2011

Couch to 5K

Okay so I have started the couch to 5k running program using a very handy app on my smart phone called C25K...and it's great! It's a nine week program of 3 workouts each week to get you ready to run a 5K! I am so excited! Now note that I am only on day 2, but i like it. I was really sore after the first day, just a nice reminder of how out of shape I really am! And because I really don't have childcare help after work hours, I am tackling these workouts on my lunch (thank goodness I work right down the street from the gym) so it is a challenge but I think totally worth it. I just signed up for my second 5K run which will take place on April 2 and will be timed! I am so excited! ...oh I am so official! Someone get me a shirt with wicking...Ha!

Now since my last post just shy of a week ago we have big news at the Ames House...Mason has started walking! It is amazing! He can now, when asked, point to his nose, eyes, mouth, feet, ears, belly and my husband is teaching him to point to his 'man-parts' when we ask "where is your junk!" Don't ask...I think it's something you have to be male to appreciate! Oh well! I must choose my battles wisely and I think this is not a battle to choose!

So a lot has been happening...all good! Oh wait, I lied. On a not so positive note I have been bruising really easily lately. I am thinking maybe iron deficiency? I have not been cooking as much red meat as usual, so maybe that is it? Not sure. Only a few bruises but still, they appear from nowhere that I can recall and I just think that is strange. So I am upping my red meat and greens this week; lets hope it helps!

Carry on my dear friends and family! Be back tomorrow with my stats...I'm not excited about that...I have been gaining...

-Polly on the Run