Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weight Watchers Week 1

So I weighted in on Saturday and I am down -2.6 pounds which brings me to 217.4!  Pretty good for the first week! I am getting the hang of the new Points Plus program and am beginning to be less hungry throughout the day. All in all, it is going well. Cooking dinners seems to be the most challenging part for me. I am controlled at breakfast with the usual bowl of cereal and at lunch with my veggies and Smart Meal but dinner is a free for all. Also cooking for the entire family puts added pressure on me, but I guess I'm doing fine because I am losing the weight!

Memorial Day was this past weekend and it was not a challenge for me. The hubby made kabobs with veggies on the grill! They were delicious. And since I had so many bonus points left over, we went out for a scoop of ice cream! It was worth every point! I also attended the annual Memorial Day Service they host at our local cemetery. It's very humbling.

To wrap up the weekend, I went swimsuit shopping! Now typically I would be dreading this but I wasn't. I felt good. I ended up bringing home three tops and two bottoms to model for my hubby and let him give me the honest ("would you be embarrassed to be seen with me") truth. My plan was to return the suits that were the worst but Mike liked all of them. So being a girl, I kept them! Who could resist, especially when your hubby says they look good on you...and I really think he was being honest!

As you may have noticed last week I updated the look of my blog, hope you like it! I also slowly added a new side column of my 'tipping the scale' weight tracking and a few tabs at the top...more to come! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Oh and before I forget, a shout out to my bestie....HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY KELLY JEAN...you will always be older than me!

-Poolside Polly

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Look and Feel

So as you can see I have changed my blog look and feel...hope you like it! By the way, when I was changing it, for some reason it erased all my followers....kind of sucks! So if you could re-follow me, that would be great! :) 

Yours Truly,
Technically Challenged Nancy

Not Right Now, Not Today

So far this week it's been...so good? Well, actually I have been hungry. But that is slowly changing. I had to work yesterday in Sacramento (which is a good 2 hour drive from Chico) and on the meeting agenda it said we had lunch "on our own."....now those are three words a newly WW attendee never wants to here...ON YOUR OWN...no way...give me structure, give me guidance...give me my meeting leader...but I did okay. I ate with a group of colleagues and of course they decided to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. Booo! But I had a salad with chicken and dressing on the side. Now mind you, my co-worker sitting right next to me had a beautiful bacon cheeseburger with fried onion rings on top...it smelled delicious I'm not going to lie. I just kept telling myself that I too can have a bacon cheeseburger but not right now, not today. It kind of works when you take the time to talk yourself down from the ledge!  I didn't jump. I stayed safely put next to my chicken salad and it was good. I was full. I was alive! 

Me and Mason
Santa Cruz, CA
May21, 2011
On the activity front, I have found an amazing app for my phone (android) called Noom...it has a GPS tracker and it tracks all my physical activity. So I have been walking with my son in tow at a local park for two nights this week, 2.5 miles each night! I also went to the GYM, yes I said GYM on my lunch break on Wednesday. I only did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical but I was sweating like a hog in July! It actually felt good. Now I can tell you that the exercise piece for me has not been easy. I hate being active. I hate to say that since I used to play hockey, tennis, track and volleyball all through high school...but as Dr. Phil says...LETS GET REAL...high school was ummmmm 14 years ago (holy crap I have been out of high school for 14 years)...so in 14 years I have learned to hate exercise....oh and i have also managed to gain approximately 72 pounds...funny how that works. So I will keep TRYING. I will keep on keeping on. I will remind myself that I did not get fat by accident.

-Positive Polly

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I felt better off dead...

I am sorry. I am truly sorry for vanishing off the face of the earth for a few months now...has it been that long? Yes, it has! Ahhh I am so sorry. So here is the truth, the honest to God truth. I couldn't face my blog life after my birthday. Not that my birthday got to me, but the cake, eating out and lavish food celebrations just carried over the the week after my birthday...then after that...and so on. Before I knew it...BAHM!...I had gained weight back and I was simply too embarrassed to blog. I am sorry.

So what brings me back? A couple of things actually. First being that a blog I follow called Try Try Again by Melissa was a key part of my re-born again blogging. Melissa STILL emailed me while I was on hiatus to simply say hello. The first email I got from her I just deleted (sorry Melissa). I figured what the heck. She is one girl out is the huge world who happened to read my blog...so I'm letting one person I have never met down...big deal! I'll get over it. Well Melissa (bless her lil Southern heart) didn't stop with just one email. She emailed me again about 2 weeks ago and simply said "Helloooo?"...and that my friends is what partially put me back in the saddle again.

Second is the fact that I just went on a lovely mini vacation with my son Mason and my husband Mike to Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA. It was great. The hotel we stayed at even had an indoor heated pool....yep, I said an INDOOR HEATED POOL...which required me to get into a bathing suit. Now mind you I had horrible bikini line rash from frantically dry shaving in the bathroom minutes before we walked to the pool...but I was in a bathing suit. I hated my body. I felt fat. Ugly. I was hoping for an empty pool but nooooo there were other people there swimming. In addition to the pool we of course took many photos on this vacation. Now I would not trade or erase any moments caught in digital suspension for the world. My son is only this age once and I love every minute of it...but dear Lord. I'M FAT! And the camera does not lie...I wish it would but it won't! So that is why I'm here.

I gave up on Paleo eating long long ago. It was so hard for me. One spoonful of potato salad and a hot dog...get this...with a BUN...was all it took to toss my Paleo religion out the window...and eat bread! And that my friends is where the hill to the "all down hill from here" started and I shopped getting smaller. So on Monday, I joined the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program. I love WW. I used to attend many years ago and I always seem to succeed. I love structure. Balance....and I love my meeting leader ShellyMarie...who is still there! So far I have to be honest, I have been hungry.  But I'm trying. All I can do at this point is try. I have gained 5.6 pounds back and am currently at 220.0.  I just feel challenged. I feel uncomfortable. I feel like discouraged. But I'm trying. So, wish me luck. I am weighing in on Saturday because the WW office is closed on Monday...and again, I'm sorry for hiding from you for so long..and Melissa...thanks for caring!!

-Points Plus Polly