Friday, January 28, 2011

Mikey Likes It!

Okay so just to let you all in on some fantastic news that has arisen since my last blog just hours ago is that my husband Mike weighed in at home (he too has been eating Paleo with me for about a week) and has lost....10 pounds! Way to go Mike! I am very proud of him to say the least but I am so frustrated at how men can lose weight so much easier than women! I do all the grocery shopping, food prep, recipe hunting, cooking, lunch packing and most of the clean up...and he is reaping the benefits ten-fold! Either way, I am very happy for him and so proud!

Also, I was reading on of my favorite weight happiness blogs called Try Try Again  and she had posted the most motivating quote that I wanted to share with you please enjoy these words of wisdom:

"A body in rest can sustain rest. A body in motion can sustain motion. In other words, if we move more...we can move more!! Get up from your office chair often, strength train at least 3 times a week, eat to live and measure your success not by the scale, but how you feel."

Here are a few fun pictures for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

Mike, Kim and Dinosaur Mason

1/21/11 PrePaleo                                1/28/11 PostPaleo

It is AMAZING what a week of Paleo can do for you! Ha!
(The dates on these photos are NOT accurate, I just thought it would be funny so share some fun pictures!)


Friday I'm In Love...

In the words of the very successful 80's band The Cure:
Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Oh Friday how I love thee! Not only do you bring a bag full of goodies with you (like Saturday, Sunday and a new episode of Desperate Housewives) but you bring my scheduled weigh in and measurement day!  Can I get a whootwhoot!  So as scheduled, I stepped on my digital scale this morning and.....drum roll please.... I am down -1.6 pounds! At first I was a bit disappointed but I then thought about all the food I had seriously consumed this week and how amazing I have felt...coupled with the -1.6 obstacles lost and SHAAAPOW! I'm feeling like a rock star. Move over Steven Tyler, I am soooooo the next judge on American Idol.
Has anyone been watching American Idol? I am in LOVE with the new judges this season! So good. I was losing interest in the show the past few seasons but J-Lo and Steven Tyler have really been great! Okay, back to my favorite topic, ME!

So, I am feeling good. I am happy with my first week of results and am eager to keep this train moving in the right direction. Unfortunately for my "following" I'm not in the mood to blog. I'm just not feeling it, so this will be a short and sweet entry! Have a fabulous weekend and meet you all back here on Monday, unless I get the itch to blog over the weekend which is very possible! Ohh and before I forget here are my measurements:

Age: 31
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 217.0 (-1.6)
Bust: 45 inches (-.5)
Waist: 46 inches (-.5)
Hips: 50.5 inches (-.5)
Bones: Still Big!!

Obstacles Removed: -1.6 lbs
Inches Gone for Good: -1.5

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've got a hankering for some SUGARRRR!!!

When all else fails in my quest for weight happiness, I pray. I'm serious. I pray that my craving will go away, that the skinny girl at Starbucks will gain a muffin-top or that I will miraculously love the taste of brussel sprouts (sad excuse for good taste and nourishment by the way). So when my SUGARRRR craving set in last night around 9:30 I did what I do in times of dire straights, I prayed:
"Dear God if you can hear my prayers for help then please respond. I would hate to take you away from your Bacchic ball tournament (I hear your kicking butt by the way) but I need some divine intervention.  I need help! I am craving SUGARRRRR (I spell it like it is roaring like a lion because that is how I feel).  Last night was tough but you already know that because you see everything I you know how I was pillaging my own kitchen and turning all it's contents upside down looking for some small morsel of sweetness to calm down the lion inside me! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I could eat a horse...if it was made of chocolate with eyes of peppermint patties and a mane of salt water taffy! I need SUGARRRRR!! Someone slap me...  AMEN"
I tried to tame my inner lion with some coco dusted almonds. FAILED. So I tried some watered down grape juice. FAILED...finally I just had to go to bed in hopes that I wouldn't start gnawing on my poor dog Heidi in our sleep! I mean she is sweet and all...but I wasn't trusting my inner lion all that much...I would hate to lose Heidi in such a sweet disaster! But the good news is that I made it! I guess it's good news that Heidi made it too! I have heard that the day after you have horrible sweet cravings you will have a great weight loss, I shall pray that that too is true!


Monday, January 24, 2011


I made it! I have conquered my first weekend eating Paleo and I have to say that I did very well!  I went out to lunch with my husband where I watched him consume an entire chicken-bacon pizza, attended a birthday dinner for my mom ( I admit I had a BITE, ONE BITE of cake and it was fabulous) and grocery shopping all with a totally Positive Polly attitude! I feel great! Although I am experiencing a very weird phenomena of hot-flash like symptoms that I am totally attributing to my revved up metabolism because there is no way I am seriously having hot-flashes! Remember, I am on the cusp of my 32nd birthday not my 61st! But all in all, I am doing well. I have not noticed any bizarre cravings besides my thirst. It is out of control. I am thirsty all the time which is good, right? Using that quality H2O to flush out all the toxins, fat and chicken nugget residue from years past!

On an additional positive note, my husband wants to eat Paleo with me!  I think this is both good and challenging.  My husband (we'll call him Mike, actually Mike is his real name so...) Mike loves food and more than food he loves beer!..and I would have to say that with beer at the top of his list it is closely followed by cheese and bread which are all frowned upon with the Paleo lifestyle...this is where it gets challenging. For example, I cooked two delicious pork roasts with carrots and celery, the whole shebang, for dinner last night and my poor clueless husband says to me "what are you supposed to eat the pork on?" Eat the pork on? What the hell is he talking about? It's a roast! You eat it! With a FORK! It's that simple. But for Mike, he needs bread or pasta to delicately caress the meat on his plate and THAT my blog friends is a problem. I think Mike's intentions are real and that he wants to eat healthy but I'm "walking to school uphill both ways in the snow!"  My odds are slowly stacking against me right now...but keep positive Polly...keep positive!!! I think I'll print out the Paleo jump start document from the website and put it his bathroom, it's sure to get read there!...I'm just saying...

So here I am 4 whole days complete in my journey to weight happiness and I must say that Polly is slightly winning! I have been cooking and preparing foods all weekend to help tackle the week with ease! Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Friday, January 21, 2011

And then she started a blog...

Yep, that is right I am starting a blog.  As I journey into my long road of "weight happiness" I will blog to keep myself accountable but also possibly help others along the way.  You see, I have been overweight and comfortable with it most of my adult (post-college) life and it has GOT to change.  I keep telling myself that I am fine just the way I am; even my office mate said "your just big-boned"...big boned? Is that what I have convinced myself and others my extra pounds of fat are called? Is big-boned even politically correct? Ahhhhh!!  So with a lick (preferably of chocolate) and a prayer, I am blogging.

Now down to the nitty gritty.  I tend to be either extremely optimistic (on rare occasion) or more of a pessimist (usually on days that end in Y)...hence the name of my blog spot; Negative Nance vs Positive Polly.  Just to let you in on a little secret; I am both Nancy and Polly...but shhhh don't tell! I will hopefully blog at least 3 days a week with either my Nancy or Polly perspective of my life and journey to "weight happiness" (I am cutting loss and diet out of my vocab!)....I'm shooting for a goal of happiness here people! Don't worry, i will have a quantitative goal in mind so we are all held accountable.  But for the most part, if you choose to follow my blog (i just love the word blog...oh I am such a blogger) you will see all my rants and raves that come along with "weight happiness."  Wish me luck!

As for me, well hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen...I'm a doozie! I am quickly approaching the cusp of my 32nd birthday and quite frankly is scares me.  I am not one to dwell on the number of age but I can clearly remember when my own mother was 32 and I thought "dang, mom is so old!" Now here I am. How did I get here? And how did I get here in a size 18 jeans?

I will follow the Paleo lifestyle for my entire weight happiness journey.  If your not familiar with the plan you NEED to read the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  Basically the Paleo Solution is the "Caveman Diet." You eat like your primal ancestors did.  A lot of meat protein, eggs, animal fats, veggies, fruit and limited nuts, avocado and olive oil.  You avoid all grains, starches, dairy and added sugars. Simple, right? Ummm, have you ever seriously tried "taking candy away from a baby!" Not so simple! You go through withdrawals like a crack addict.  Our modern and most typical diet has us hooked on carbs and sugars like nobodies's hard but I am doing it! I will try to exercise when I can. I don't belong to any fancy gyms and I don't plan on joining any at the moment, maybe in the distant future? Who knows? So, that is the plan.  I will eat until I am full and I will only venture way from the Paleo eating for my morning coffee (I must have a dash of cream and a sprinkle of sugar). 

Age: 31
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 218.6lbs
Bust: 45.5 inches
Waist: 46.5 inches
Hips: 51.0 inches
Bones: Big!!

I would like to be around 185 pounds.  I was happy then. I felt pretty, confident and loved the way I looked.  So with some help from my trusty calculator, that is 33.6 obstacles in my way to my place of weight happiness! I can do this!