Monday, June 27, 2011

Weight Watchers 4

Can I get a whoot whoot!....down a total of -10.4 pounds! That is with the addition of a -2.2 pounds this week! Had a great week on Weight Watchers...had a horrible week on the home front. My hubby got into a horrible car accident on Tuesday while towing our boat and trailer which landed upside down on highway 45!  Glad Mike and his passenger are okay but dang it....our truck and boat are not so okay (insert sad face gesture here). I am thankful for full coverage insurance although our boat is not considered a covered vehicle, so we might just have to take a semi-huge loss on that!  I just keep reminding myself that "the best things in life are not things!"....but gezz it was nice to have nice things while it lasted? Right?

As far as my eating is's going well. I have been doing good using up all my points and eating well into my bonus points each week. I have found a new love of iced coffee (thanks Jhoana)'s so delicious in the hot summer mornings! I have also found a new favorite summer snack, cantaloupe with lite whip cream on it...Mmmmmmmmmm! So good, so refreshing...

I have been getting support from an unlikely source in my weight loss journey; my husband. Mike has been very supportive of my WW and crazed points counting.  A few times now he has wanted to go out do dinner or out for dessert and each time he asks me if I have saved up enough points or he tells me in advance to save up for an outing. Little gesture but very nice to know that he can be supportive of my weight loss. I like it and it helps.

Yesterday I got into a bathing suit for the second time this summer and I felt great about my body. I was not trying to hurry up and get in the water for fear that someone might see my thighs, or wrap a beach towel around my body to mask my rolls. I felt good. I felt pretty and confident for a change. Yes, I said confident. Wow, I never thought that word would make it back into my vocabulary so soon in my journey...but there it is...loud and clear. I feel like shouting to the mountain tops "I love Weight Watchers..." but I will refrain for now. For now, I will take my -10.4 pounds and semi-quietly celebrate in my thinning head! 

I thought I would close with a few things I am thankful for and things I would rather live without since my week has been a week of many emotional ups and downs and testing me every step of the, I am thankful for:
Full coverage insurance
Seat belts
Iced coffee
Weight Watchers
Crystal Lite Mix-In's
Big safe Ford F350 trucks
Falling gas prices in CA
Flip flops
Planning ahead
Sushi dates with my mom
...and things I would rather live without...
Foreign dog poop on my front lawn
Lame a/c repair men
My neighbors across the street (kitty corner, not Joey...we love Joey)

Have a fantastic week...I hope to blog again this week before my next weigh in! The WW office is closed on Monday the 4th, so I think i will try and pick up a Tuesday evening meeting! Have a great week and remember that in your life no matter the situation (good or bad) that "this too shall pass." Tough times will come and go.  Amazing times will come and go.  Enjoy today. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your toys. You never know when your now will come to pass.

- Propitious Polly


  1. awesome...10 pounds is something to be proud of! Keep up the good work1 Sorry about your truck and boat :( Glad your hubby is ok though!

  2. yay!! Awesome news. I'm so proud of you! Sorry about the wreck..thats a huge bummer! I hope the boat wont end up being huge loss after all. Glad everything is all good with them though!