Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am already feeling challenged by the road (or should I say sky) ahead. I am heading down to my in-laws for 4 days for a graduation party and beach day and am feeling the challenge of eating healthy a burden upon my shoulders.  I am very good at counting my points and tracking but it is really hard when your faced with substantial amounts of unhealthy options and minimal healthy options. What to do? Do I go grocery shopping once I get there? Do I starve (yeah right, like that would ever happen)? Do I make poor decisions? Ahhh what to do? I am already worried about it and I haven't even left for the airport yet!

I am hopeful that there will be some WW friendly foods for me to graze upon. It is just so hard when your traveling to make good/easy decisions when it comes to eating right... Ahhh this makes me nervous. And the temptation of graduation party food....beach picnic food....boardwalk food (I'm thinking of the deep fried food group specifically)...

My Pledge to Myself:
I will try my best to politely eat to the best of my WW knowledge, skills and abilities.
I will remember my POWER FOODS.
I will snack sensibly.
I will harness the inner demon of sweetness inside me and ride this out like a good girl should!
I will step on the scale on Tuesday and not be disappointed in myself.
I will make a daily walk a priority to get some physical activity while away.
Mason vs Pudding
I think the pudding won!
I will. I can. I will.

As part of my WW journey (both past and present), I have found extreme comfort in some of my sweet but sensible snacks like Special K Chocolate Delight cereal, Jell-O cups with a dollop of cool whip and my favorite being Jell-O Pudding cups...which I had to share with my son Mason. As many of my friends have already seen this on my FB page, I share with those of you in my blog world. Sixteen month old children and unsupervised pudding do NOT mix well! I learned my lesson! Enjoy! Chat with you all next week and have a fantastic weekend!

-Nervous Nancy


  1. You can do it just don't let the stress get a hold of you!!!! Besides just look at puddin face and laugh your ass off. That boy puts me in a happy place love love looooooovvvveeee him thanks for having him . Aunt Pam

  2. HEHE My now 3 year old used to PAINT with pudding :) We have many pudding and cake pictures with that one! I know you will make good decisions while you are away...give yourself credit, and work some exercise in-swimming, playing in the sand, walking, that sort of thing to make up for a possible overindulgence. Safe travels and can't wait until you get back!

  3. It's soo hard going on vaca! I'm going to visit family in CO next week and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat. Just try the best that you can for what you're workin with! Know that it won't be perfect, and don't put yourself down for it. Just make sure to go for the most healthy options at the parties etc. You will do great I know! hang in there!

  4. Thanks for reading my blog!! Good luck this weekend. If you know there won't be any healthy choices, I would stop by the grocery store and pick up some fresh veggies and fruits and "donate" them to the family for everyone to eat. There really is nothing like fresh fruit in the summer!! Have a great time

  5. Being away from home is really tough, good for you for making a plan and promises to yourself to stick with! Hope you had a great time, looking forward to more updates from you. :)