Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh Say Can You See...

...That I'm Not Eating Right.....Ahhh I feel depressed. Okay so for starters, I am obsessed with my weight loss. I weigh myself like 4 times a day and I know that is NOT healthy. I am trying to break that dirty little habit but it is hard. Last time I ventured into weight loss, I went as far as to take the battery out of my scale but it's hard to hide a battery from yourself. The battery quickly made it's way back into the scale and I kept obsessively stepping up! So, all week I kept weighing myself and....nothing. No negative weight loss. If anything, I had gained a pound. That is where my slippery slope starts. I get discouraged because I hit a plateau (by the way thanks Jhoana for jinxing me) and I tend to fall of the wagon...BIG TIME. So I sternly decided that NO, it's not happening this time. I am staying on track. I am resisting my urge to momentarily give up. CRAVINGS won by a landslide! I gave in. I gave up. I...I...I...lost to myself? Is that even possible? In the game of weight loss...it is very possible...and the instant replay keeps running over and over in my mind.

First I figured that since I had not lost any weight according to my home scale that I could just go crazy and eat whatever I wanted...at least I would feel better emotionally. Right? Well I did. I ate. And it was good. Then, God bless America, came the 4th of July and I decided that I would eat whatever I wanted (within reason) and so I did. So Tuesday comes along and my Mother calls me for a lunch date. So I went. I left the gym clothes I so nicely packed in my car and ate an abundance of Thai food...oh and my favorite Thai dessert. Lord please tell me this is not the beginning of the end. I cannot take these temptations.

So here I am blogging about how I lost...but gained. Lost the battle; gained the weight. Only a total of a pound but still, a pound can be mental war for anyone battling weight. So tomorrow is my start fresh day. I am going back on my WW hardcore. I am stocking my fridge with WW friendly foods. I am not eating out. I am not giving into temptation. I am going to settle the score once and for all.

Mason enjoying our dry docked Kayak!
I recently received a kayak for my anniversary gift and it has arrived! I am excited to use it. I think I am taking it up to my Aunties house in the Tahoe area this weekend! I am looking forward to getting out of Chico. It has been 104 to 105 degrees here the past few days...HOT! I am going to my official WW meeting this Friday morning so I will report in after that! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Until Friday...

-Negative Nancy and her sister Patriotic Polly


  1. It's only the beginning of the end if you let it be. What a fabulous canoe! Have a great time with it! Just forgive yourself for the indiscretions and move forward. It's the only way!

  2. We ALL have slip ups, just don't make them a habit. A friend recently was discouraged and hadn't done well the past couple of weeks with losing weight. Every single week she would hit it hard, and lose every single week. She was working herself to death, stressing out about it. Then she fell off the wagon for about 2 weeks. She decided that it took YEARS to put on the weight, it shouldn't just come off immediately. So she decided to relax and be healthy, but not to obsess over it. I am one that weighs multiple times a day too..;) My friend challenged me to not weigh for 3 days...ahh it was hard, but I did it! It was so liberating..haha.. Try it! We can do this! Hang in there!!

  3. Yoohoo?! Where are you? Canoeing? Just haven't seen a post in a while!

  4. EXCUSE ME, MA'AM!!! Some of us miss your posts!!!! :)